My Third Decade….Where Did it Go?

I can’t believe that the second decade of the 2000s is over. 2020 will also see the end of my third decade on this planet. A lot has happened over these past 10 years. Let’s see I have, in no particular order:

  • Bought a house
  • My child was diagnosed with ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Celebrated a milestone wedding anniversary
  • Left a job I have had since college
  • I took a job working remotely and traveling to Austin Texas on a regular basis, where I learned so much about software engineering
  • I left that job worked for a great company where I did much of my professional growth and tried to institute change on a large scale
  • Took a new job, that I wasn’t looking for, but offered me interesting problems, great people, and the gift of time

I have made great friends. Some of whom have become family and others who have become trusted advisors.

My wife and I have overcome many challenges both individually and as a couple. Some of those have been health-related, others have been financial, and yet others have been about getting our child what he needed. But we tackled them together.

But I have also made mistakes. I have experienced failure. I am sure I have hurt those I care about. I have seen friends, colleagues, and family members die. Some of old-age, some of health issues, and some rather tragically.

This past decade has seen it’s fair share of both good and bad, but when I think back over the last 10 years, my mind tends to go to growth. This decade has seen both personal and professional growth for both my wife and I. I have tried written some technical talks. I tried my hand at management. I learned quite a bit about software development. I learned about raising a child with Autism.

I also let a chapter of my life close. I have been involved in EMS in some way, shape, or form since 1995. However, towards the end of this decade, I finally let my EMT expire. It wasn’t intentional, but none the less, I have let that chapter of my life go. But that has made time for other pursuits. But those skills don’t go away, and I found myself tapping into them towards the end of 2019 to take care of a friend, who found themselves injured and in need of assistance for most of the last three months of the year.

While this past decade has definitely had it’s ups and downs, I think on balance it was definitely a good decade. I am looking forward to what my fourth decade on this planet will present me. While I am hoping for a bit more stability, I am sure the universe will keep me on my toes!

I wish all of my friends and family an excellent decade ahead. I hope you all find growth, love, and happiness in this coming decade.