A Tablet Review

So I have been getting questions from friends, who are looking for tablet recommendations, on what to buy. So on Sunday, I am taking a friend to Best Buy to compare the following tablets:

  • Apple iPad
  • Amazon Kindle Fire
  • Amazon Kindle
  • Samsung Galaxy

The idea being what is best for him. My hope is to come up with a detailed review of the likes and dislikes about each device, but I still have some general advice.

The first question I ask, is if you already have a computer and/or smart phone. Based on what you already own here is what I recommend:

  • If you have a iPhone and PC or Mac, then the answer is pretty easy go iPad. Why? You can already use the apps you have purchased for your phone. So you don’t have to re-buy everything.
  • If you have an Android Phone and Mac or PC, then you have quite a few choices. I would recommend going Android tablet. There you have quite a few options, the best known being the Kindle Fire and the Samsung Galaxy Tablet.
  • If you have a Windows Phone, I would recommend a Windows Tablet.

Hopefully after Sunday, I will be able to provide a bit more insight after I have had a chance to review a couple of different types of Android tablets and I can make an specific Android tablet recommendation.

Wish me luck!