Textbook Acknowledgments…

So my name found it’s way into a textbook acknowledgments sections. A colleague of mine at CCAC Professor Eileen Wrigley and her daughter Dr. Tebring Daly wrote a textbook under a National Science Foundation Grant. Dr. Daly and Professor Wrigley teach most of their classes online. I was one of a few people to adapt the book’s material for use in a face-to-face class setting, and to provide some feedback on how it worked and what changes needed made. It has now been published and will be available for purchase in time for the Fall 2013 Semester to start. I was kind of proud to be mentioned, especially since I don’t think I contributed that much.

I was able to get an early look at the PDF version of the book and I managed to grab a pic of the acknowledgements section:

Textbook Acknowledgement Image

If you are in the market for a good Java Programming Textbook then I highly recommend this book. It is called Learning Java Through Alice by Eileen Wrigley and Dr. Tebring Daly. I will post links for purchasing the book as soon as they are available.