Hi there! I am an Adjunct Instructor at Community College of Allegheny County, South Campus. I teach CIT-111, Introduction to Computer Programming with Java, CIT-130 Object Oriented Programming 1 with Java, CIT-244 Object Oriented Programming 2 with Java, and CIT-100 Computer Fundimentals and Applications. If you are one of my students, welcome. Here you can find my class schedule and contact information. If you are looking for my teaching portfolio you can find it here.

Contact Information

Branden Simbeck
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Office Phone: 412.326.9133

My Class Schedule for Fall 2013

Tuesday 6pm – 9:10pm – CIT 100 Computer Fundimentals and Applications – IBEW Building Computer Lab
Saturday 9am – 1:10pm – CIT 111 Introduction to Computer Programming with Java – South Campus, Bulding B, Room 515

Office Hours for Fall 2013

Saturdays¬†–¬†1:10pm to 2:10pm – South Campus, Building B, Room 515

Projects I Have Been Involved In At CCAC

  • Panopto Lecture Capture – Recording lectures and presentations when they happen and provide access to the students. The software tracks who accessed and for how long.
  • Learning Java Through Alice, Eileen Wrigley and Tebring Daly – Reviewed Textbook